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The Salem CTE Center is a regional CTE center located at Salem High School. We offer 12 Career and Technical Education Programs leading to industry certifications, college credit, post-secondary placement, and employment.

What is Salem CTE?

A regional Career and Technical Education Center where students get a jump-start on their career goals.

Why It Matters

Students need opportunities to explore and pursue career interests as they make important decisions about their future.

A Message from Salem CTE

Not all kids want to take the traditional path after high school ends. Salem CTE gives students an alternative option.

For Parents

Are you a parent that wants to learn more about how our programs can accelerate your child’s future?


For Students

Are you a student that is looking for an opportunity to discover and accelerate your career while still in high school?


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Leading through innovation.

  • Gathering real-world experience
  • Establishing life long work skills for early career growth
  • Building important business relationships and networks
  • Creating unbreakable business bonds