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Carpentry & Construction


Carpentry and Construction is a program designed to prepare you for a career in the construction industry with a primary focus on residential and basic carpentry skills and techniques. Students interested in residential and commercial construction, construction management, architecture, and engineering will benefit from this program. The course is a blend of classroom theory and on-site, hands-on construction projects where you will learn basic building systems and techniques.

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Ryan Granger

Ryan Granger started his teaching career at SHS in 2016 after working in the construction/carpentry field for over twenty years. Mr. Granger ran his own remodeling business out of Hampton, NH, for over ten years and, prior to this, worked for construction, drywall and remodeling companies in Nashua, NH, San Diego, CA, and Santa Cruz, CA. Mr. Granger graduated from the University of New Hampshire’s Thompson School with a degree in Construction Management.  A third generation carpenter, he is passionate about the field and eager to share this passion – along with his knowledge and skills – with his students. Outside of school, Mr. Granger enjoys spending time with his family, watching his kids’ sporting events, fishing, boating, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and Jiu Jitsu.

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Carpentry & Construction

Students that love to use their hands to build and construct will really enjoy our carpentry & construction course.


Course# 825, Grade 11, 2 Credits, Year

In this course, you will learn basic residential carpentry techniques beginning with a comprehensive unit on workplace and tool safety and progressing through residential framing techniques. Units of study will include: tool selection and usage, plan reading, layout, footings and foundations, and floor, wall, and roof framing systems. You should be comfortable on ladders and with working outside in a variety of conditions. Students will complete projects such as sheds, decks, and additions as part of this program. Students are required to have proper work boots and clothing.
Prerequisite(s): Application

Course# 827, Grade 12, 2 Credits, Year

In Carpentry 2, you will expand on your skills from the first year and learn more advanced skills in areas such as roof and stair framing, siding systems, insulating, window installation, roofing, drywall,  and finish work. Students will complete more advanced projects in this course. You are required to have proper work boots and clothing.

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Carpentry 1 or permission of instructor.