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“My HST education was exceptionally helpful when i got to college because i had a background in the material of many of my college classes, especially with my previous knowledge of anatomy. Even in dental school i was still teaching my classmates the meaning of different medical terms and abbreviations – terms which i remember from flashcards and weekly quizzes that i took eight years ago in HST. HST was an amazing way to start my education in health care and continues to benefit me to this day; therefore, i would highly recommend this class to any high school student who is thinking about pursuing a career in the health care field.”

-Sarah Greenlaw, Salem CTE, 2005

Alumni Testimonials

CTE Alumni Spotlight

Alex Disenhof TV Production

“In high school, I was in the TV Production Program with Mr. McCue, and he chose me to be a producer. Mr. McCue told me my senior year that I was going to be a cinematographer, but I really didn’t know too much about that. I wanted to direct.”