Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science

The Computer Science Pathway is a two-year program designed for students who are interested in careers in the information technology sector such as programming, software development and software engineering. This is one of the fastest growing sectors for job growth with excellent earning potential. Career pathways include certificate programs, and two and four-year college degrees.


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Computer Science

Let’s face it, computers are the now, and the future! Our computer science course prepares students for an amazing and exciting career in technology.


2.0 credits, Grade 10-12

Don’t let the “AP” scare you from taking this program; no experience is necessary and you can do the work with commitment and a positive attitude. If you are interested in exploring the IT world or in pursuing a lucrative career in computer science, then you should be in this program. Explore how computer technologies affect your world, how the Internet works, cyber security and the role of big data and analytics. You will create an App using Javascript, and program with Spheros, Raspberry Pi’s and drones.

Prerequisite(s): Application

2.0 credits, Grade 11-12

This course is the second year of the Computer Science & Technology program. You will learn to create well- designed programs using the Java programming language. You will also learn about cutting edge technologies in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) using programmable, AWS Deep Racers and drones.

Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of Computer Science and Technology I

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