Biomedical Science is a laboratory-based, two-year program aimed at preparing students for a variety of careers and professions in the life science, biotechnology and medical fields. This program will prepare you for careers in medicine, genetics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and research to name a few. You will have access to state-of-the art equipment and technology which rivals many post-secondary programs. Completion of Biomedical Science I within the same school year satisfies the life science graduation requirement.


Dr. Kevin Seeley (Doc)

Science Background: I am a scientist that has now dedicated my life to teaching. I love science and the methods used to create new technologies. I have had a satisfying career in Biotech for the last 20 years. I have both a BS in Biology and MS in Microbiology/Biochemistry from Utah State University as well as a Doctorate in Molecular Genetics from Iowa State University. While in graduate school I had the pleasure of teaching freshman biology classes where I received the Graduate College Teaching award. With my doctorate completed, I had the opportunity to perform a post-doctoral internship at the University of California, Berkeley where I made genetically engineered organisms.

Leaving academics, I took a job in the Biotech arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and enjoyed traveling the world to collaborate on projects to create biotechnology products. After moving to New York on Long Island, I was able to work with James Watson (DNA Nobel Prize) and designed systems to study human genetics and help create new medicines. In the Boston Area, I worked on diagnostic devices to find trace contaminants in seafood or honey as well as acting as a quality control manager to prevent the release of products that might allow contaminated drugs to be released to the public.

Passion for Teaching: OK, enough of the science resume – why am I a teacher? Although I was working in NH as a scientist, my son I became involved with the Boy Scouts and fell in love with the New Hampshire outdoors. While working with the youth, I quickly discovered that I had a knack for teaching teenagers, and I found that I really enjoyed their moments of discovery and accomplishment. I was reminded of the fun I had teaching freshmen in college and since I had the science credentials to allow me to teach High School. I now have eight years under my belt teaching science and I have found that I love to teach, the pure joy I feel at being able to share all this stuff in my head simply makes my summer seem too long. I am excited to share my practical knowledge and experience in biomedical science to prepare CTE students for an interesting career.

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If combining medical and science is something a student enjoys this course has it all. Start an exciting career in biomedical now and be ahead of the game.


2.0 credits Grades 10-12

Biomedical Science is a two-year program for students interested in pursuing a major of career in the medical sciences, biotechnology and many affiliated fields. This is a very hands-on program where you will learn skills and techniques in our state-of-the art laboratory while preparing you for these high-demand jobs. In Biomedical Science 1 you will focus on microbiological techniques such as aseptic technique growing culture, media preparation, microbial genetics and identification. You will study techniques in DNA manipulation, cell culture, protein purification, microbiology, bioinformatics, and much more. If you enjoy the sciences in a hands-on laboratory environment, then this course is for you!
Prerequisite(s): Application and Grade of C or better in Biology

2.0 credits Grade 11-12

This is the second course in the biomedical science program with a focus on advanced topics and skills related to biomedical science, biochemistry and biotechnology. You will further your skills in areas including recombinant DNA technology, protein production, purification, DNA ‘barcoding’, and plant and animal cell culture techniques. As experienced scientists, you are given the opportunity to gain experience working independently on a number of long- term research projects. This course qualifies for 3 college credits in biotechnology.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C or better in Biomedical Science I