Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Are you considering a career as a teacher or in the education field? This program will prepare you to work in a school, for any grade or subject. You will spend time in the classroom learning education theory and teaching strategies, working in the on-site preschool, or observing classrooms at various grade levels. If you are considering school counseling, speech or occupational therapy, special education or teaching, this program will give you an excellent preparation for work in college.


Jim Slobig

Jim Slobig has been teaching at SHS since 1996.  He received his Bachelor’s Degree in English and his Master’s Degree in Curriculum and  Instruction.   As a member of the English Department, he has taught almost all of the courses offered.  When the opportunity to teach a CTE course to prospective education students arose, he jumped at the chance.  With nearly thirty years in education, Mr. Slobig cherishes the opportunity to share his passion for teaching with students who are interested in pursuing this rewarding profession through the Teacher Education Program.  When he’s not at school or working on his classes, he enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors.

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Teaching is the essential profession, the one that makes all professions possible. – David Haselkorn


Teacher Preparation

2.0 credits, Grade 10-12

Teacher Preparation 1 introduces students, who are considering a career in any level of education, to education history, theory, and methods of teaching. This course provides students with a basic understanding of and introduction to teaching and the education profession. The competencies and curriculum focus on education topics similar to those taught in a college course. The nature of this course requires mature, responsible, self-directed learners interested in pursuing a career in the education field. Emphasis will be placed on attendance, work ready skills, academic skills, and content. Teacher Prep 1 also requires students to complete observation hours in a variety of classroom settings to reinforce the educational theory and practice addressed in class. These observations also provide students the opportunity to practice professionalism in behavior and expectations. This course earns 4 college credits from Southern New Hampshire University.

Prerequisite(s): It is recommended that students have a C+ or better in previous math and English classes.

2.0 credits, Grade 11-12

Teacher Preparation 2 focuses on child growth and development. Theories relevant to individual stages of development are discussed and the sociological, cultural and psychological aspects of human growth and development are studied. An overview of all developmental stages will be covered and students will explain and discuss age and developmentally appropriate experiences for children, particularly in an educational context. Additionally, this course will introduce students to the principles and practices of assessment for teaching and learning. Topics include the types, benefits, and uses of formal and informal assessment as well as the ethical issues of assessment and grading. Students will create assessments aligned with standards-based content and understand what educators need to know about the goals, benefits, and uses of formal and informal assessment. Through classroom observations, students will identify developmentally appropriate use of classroom resources, procedures, and assessments. Students enrolling in Teacher Prep 2 are expected to have mastered or be proficient in the basic teaching skills learned in Teacher Prep 1.

Prerequisite(s): Grade of C+ or better in Teacher Preparation 1 or teacher recommendation

teacher education