Automotive Technology is a two-year program aimed at preparing students for careers in the automotive industry such as: automotive technicians, service writers, engineers, parts distributors and aviation and diesel technicians. You can earn industry credentials and college credit through Manchester Community College.


CARPENTRY and Construction

Carpentry and Construction is a program designed to prepare you for a career in the construction industry with a primary focus on residential and basic carpentry skills and techniques. Students interested in residential and commercial construction.


Culinary Arts

Do you love to cook? Do you enjoy serving people in your community and making them happy? Are you interested in a career that allows you to travel? Hospitality and tourism is one of the largest industries in New Hampshire and demand for quality trained cooks, chefs, managers and servers are high.


Health Science

The health care industry is one of the top 3 industries in New Hampshire and abroad. The employment opportunity is vast in this diverse field of study. This outstanding program will prepare you for a variety of healthcare jobs. Our program completers are highly successful and typically go on to be nurses, EMT’s, physicians, occupational and physical therapists, pharmacists and physicians assistants to name a few.



Biomedical Science is a laboratory-based, two-year program aimed at preparing students for a variety of careers and professions in the life science, biotechnology and medical fields. This program will prepare you for careers in medicine, genetics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and research to name a few.


Television & Media

TV and Video Production is a program designed for students who are interested in careers in the visual arts, broadcasting and production. This highly hands-on, project-oriented program teaches you a multitude of skills and techniques which rivals many college programs. If you have an interest or passion for film, broadcasting, TV and production.


Computer Science

The Computer Science Pathway is a two-year program designed for students who are interested in careers in the information technology sector such as programming, software development and software engineering. This is one of the fastest growing sectors for job growth with excellent earning potential. Career pathways include certificate programs, and two and four-year college degrees.



The Graphic Design program introduces students to all design fundamentals in preparation for careers in the graphic design and the digital arts. This program will develop the creativity and software skills necessary to be competitive in the graphic design field. Students learn the software, principles, materials, equipment and skills to bring design projects from concept to completion.



The Business Pathway is a program that offers students the opportunity to earn up to 15 college credits through Manchester Community College which may be transferred to many 4-year colleges and universities. This core group of business courses is integral to most college business programs and will prepare you for careers in business, management, insurance, finance and marketing.



Cosmetology is the newest program offered at the Salem CTE where a brand new salon and classroom have been constructed. Cosmetology is a high demand area with a strong employment outlook. The State of New Hampshire requires 1,500 hours of education and clinical experience for licensing. Through partnerships with post-secondary cosmetology schools.



The engineering pathway is designed for students interested in careers in engineering, engineering technician, advanced manufacturing, architecture, construction, CNC operation, CADD, and product design. The program is a blend of classroom and hands-on experiences designed to teach students the engineering process and fields associated with engineering.


Teaching & Education

Are you considering a career as a teacher or in the education field? This program will prepare you to work in a school, for any grade or subject. You will spend time in the classroom learning education theory and teaching strategies, working in the on-site preschool, or observing classrooms at various grade levels.