Whether a student knows exactly what they want to do and is hoping to build their knowledge and network, or they want to try out a potential career, internships are a fantastic way to make informed future decisions. All students who complete the internship program not only gain valuable industry experience but also leave with a resume, cover letter, and portfolio that they can use for future opportunities.

Our contact list is constantly growing and we often are able to develop new opportunities, subject to industry availability. Students are also welcome to develop their own internship opportunities with the assistance of the Work Based Learning Office.

Internships can either be paid or unpaid, and some industries also offer co-ops or apprenticeships. What is the difference?

Internship: An internship is student-driven, meaning that the student and/or school request an opportunity from a business or organization. These opportunities can be paid or unpaid depending on the site.

Co-op: This program runs in conjunction with a CTE program. The student is hired as an employee of the company and we are able to waive most job hazards because of the CTE affiliation.

Apprenticeship: An apprenticeship is a pathway program where a student is hired by the company and begins their education and training while still in high school. These opportunities are always paid and segway into full-time employment upon graduation.

Students can apply for any of these Work Based Learning experiences through the guidance office during course registration. All questions specific to these programs should be directed to the Work Based Learning Coordinator, Mrs. Kallelis: Room C533,, ext 5341.

Automotive Technology

Our program provides foundational and transportable skills for success in many sectors of the transportation and motorsports industries.

Health Science

Our program is a gateway to success in all aspects of the healthcare profession.

Biomedical Science

This program sets the bar for high school preparatory programs in biotechnology and biomedical sciences.

Television & Media

Our programming and facilities are among the best in the region.

Computer Science

Explore and prepare for a career in the IT sector.

Graphic & Digital Design

This program will prepare you for the next steps in a career in graphic, UX, and digital design.

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