The “CTE Advantage”

During a recent conversation, I mentioned that CTE students have a distinct advantage over students who do not enroll in a CTE program.  Then it struck me…”there is a CTE advantage.”   We kicked this concept around at a staff meeting one day and some common themes and ideas emerged.  The CTE Advantage enables students to:

  • Engage with their education.
  • Explore a potential career choice and emerge with clear vision of a pathway to success and prosperity.
  • Learn about industry best practices and emerging technologies.
  • Jump-start their plans in high demand, high wage career pathways.
  • Access state of the art equipment, software and technology.
  • Interact with teachers who are experienced, industry professionals whose experience extends well beyond the classroom.
  • Access a mentor over their two years in the program and receive continuous exposure to industry and post-secondary professionals who help to guide their career choices.
  • Earn both college and high school credit within their program.
  • Access authentic learning experiences, internships and apprenticeship.
  • Apply what they learn.
  • Interact with, and establish lasting relationships with students from area schools.
  • Compete at both the state and national levels, displaying their skills.
  • Integrate and contextualize academic skills.
  • Become college and career ready.


Chris Dodge

CTE Director

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